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Belinda - LOTUS Breathworks

Hi I'm Belinda. I am the breathwork coach at Remind Therapies. I use special holistic breathing techniques including "SOMA" that will improve your general health and wellbeing.

What is breathworks?

Breathing is such a fundamental part of life and the value and power of our breath is often taken for granted. How we breathe can dramatically affect how we are both physically and mentally and how we respond to life situations. 


Breathworks uses both breath awareness and conscious breathing to promote and allow for healing in the body, personal awakening and growth and transformation of the spirit, mind and body. 


Breath awareness or breath watching is a mindfulness practice where you pay close attention to the breath as you allow it to come and go on it’s own, observing and sensing the breath moment to moment. The breath breathes you.


Conscious breathing is where you are doing the breath by becoming an active participant in the breathing process rather than just witnessing the breath. You deliberately control, direct and regulate the breath in some way. You breathe the breath.


Breath holds are also often incorporated into the practices to allow for a deeper experience and more enhanced health benefits. 

Breathworks is beneficial for everyone but only effective when it becomes a daily practice. At LOTUS Breathworks you will learn the practical ways to improve your everyday life which you can continue at home between sessions or classes.​


“Sometimes we breathe the breath and sometimes we let the breath breathe us.” Dan Brule

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